Pro Tips


Computer Section

For easy setup, secure connection and better control install VLC Player 2.2.0 or newer version on your computer.

To setup VLC player easily, use 'Setup wizard'.

To know about what a particular button does, tap and hold it.

Remote Section

For better forward and rewind control, tap respectice button once for short jump, or tap and hold for continuous jump.

To go to certain position of the media, use slider.

Tap loop button to toggle between 'loop all', 'loop one' and 'no loop'.

On remote page, if connection lost between computer and android device, press reconnect button to reconnect.

Use '+' and '-' button to sync subtitle and audio tracks on advanced controls dialog.

Save your favorite folders to access easily.

On slower internet connection, VLC doesn't handle streaming YouTube HD videos properly, to fix this, choose to stream lower quality videos on app settings page.

If VLC failed to play many YouTube videos, please refer this instructions and make necessary changes on your computer to fix the issue.

Gesture Controls Section

Swipe slowly for smaller value change, swipe faster for greater value change on both horizontal and vertical directions.

Tap by three fingers to enable/disable Gestures.

Use in landscape mode to improve usability.