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Best VLC Remote App for iOS & Android

No groping in the dark for keyboard shortcuts, no racing to your computer to change the music, and no watching whatever plays for the lack of motivation to get off your couch. Just install the app, sit back, relax and remotely control VLC Player, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime at your fingertips

AppstoreGoogleplayDownload for PC/Mac * VLC Mobile Remote makes your computer and phone work like a TV, and that's a super good thing. - Gizmodo
Features Packed

What’s the big difference?

One of the highest rated apps, VLC Mobile Remote is known for its ease-of-use, great customer support, regular updates with new features and a comprehensive.

Great VLC features for free, such as Stop, Pause, Play, Volume Control, Play Next and Play Previous, Seek Control, Fast Forward and Fast Rewind, Toggle Full-Screen, Repeat, Shuffle, Loop, Aspect Ratio, DVD Control, etc.

Use this app as a PC/Mac remote to access all your media files, Control Netlix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Hulu etc

Easy setup process with installing our helper app VMR Connect to your PC or Mac

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    Simple & Beautiful User Interface

    Up-to-date, easy-to-use UI that follows Apple’s Human Interface and Google's Material Design principles.

    VLC Mobile Remote is a Cross-Platform App

    VLC Mobile Remote is available for iPhone, iPad & Android. Whatever your devices are, the app let's you control VLC Player and Windows, Mac computers.

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    Available now for all your Apple iOS & Android devices
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    Multi-Language Support

    Speaks your language

    • Both our Android & iOS apps support multiple languages
    • Supports English French German Italian Spanish Hungarian etc
    • With your language app setup is seamless
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    Control VLC, Netflix, Prime, Youtube etc from smartphone

    No more couch-to-computer workout. If you watch movies and videos offline or online on your computers, VLC Mobile Remote gives you the awesome power to control VLC, Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc on PC or Mac from wherever you're seated, whether in the kitchen or in the garden.

    AppstoreGoogleplay * Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices
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    150k+ Customers Love VLC Mobile Remote

    More than 150k monthly active users all around the world love VLC Mobile Remote

    This is what VLC has been waiting for.... excellent

    Steve Farrington

    This is the best remote app for VLC and can't even think about watching movies without it... Cheers.


    Amazing app, so far no problems at all. Made me more lazy though. Now I don't have to get up and control VLC manually. Thanx guys, great work.