Frequently Asked Questions

1. I tried both auto and manual connections, still the app doesn't work.

If you are using Windows PC, install VMR Connect on your computer and open mobile app on your device, it will connect to your computer automatically.
However, if you are using non Windows PC read on for troubleshoot instructions..
After you setup, if the app is not connecting there may be one or more reasons. To troubleshoot the issue, try the below steps one by one:
- Start VLC on your PC and make sure that you're using latest version and also ensure that you have set it up as shown in the app.
- Open any browser on your PC (Chrome, Firefox or any) then go to http://localhost:8080 and press enter, browser prompts you to log in, just use password you set up on VLC in password field, leave username field empty to login. You'll be able to control VLC from the browser but if you get an error on browser, either you haven't setup the VLC or port 8080 is on your PC is used by another application. Try setting custom port and see does it works ( VLC - > Tools -> Preferences -> All -> Input/Codec -> HTTP Server port -> Change it to (9090) ).

However, if you could control VLC from browser, but not from the app..
- Do the same test given above but instead of using http://localhost:8080 on your browser, use http://YourComputerIPAddress:8080 (instructions to get ip address).
If the browser fails to connect to VLC, then Firewall or Anti-Virus on your computer blocking the connection or your computer is on public network.
Try the above IPAddress test by,
-disabling Windows Firewall or Anti-Virus on your PC.
-change the connected Wifi network to private.

2. Not able to play YouTube videos on VLC.

VLC has issues with playing some YouTube videos, follow these instructions to fix it.

3. I bought 'premium features' on Android, now I switched to iOS. Can i get 'Premium Features' without paying again?

No. Our App does not sync In-App Purchases between different OS platforms.

4. Does the app work on Bluetooth?


5. My phone and computer are on same network (WiFi), but my computer is connected through Ethernet cable. Does the app still works?


6. If my computer is connected to mobile hotspot, does the app work?


7. How to get premium features on multiple devices?

Use same Google Account or Apple ID on your devices. If you purchase premium features from any one of your devices, then premium features will be restored on all your devices.
Note: In-App Purchases can be restored upto 10 Android devices and 5 iOS devices.