VLC Mobile Remote Setup (Video)

VLC Mobile Remote app not only works as a remote controller for VLC Media Player on your PC or Mac but it also powerful enough to work as a remote controller for your computer’s mouse, keyboard, browser(Chrome, Firefox or any), etc. First let’s go through the VLC Mobile Remote setup process with VMR Connect, which allows you to enjoy all the features in the app. Then let’s see VLC Remote setup process for Linux users.

VLC Mobile Remote Setup with VMR Connect
VMR Connect is our server-cum-helper app for Windows & Mac computers, which sets up VLC Player for remote control and helps the mobile app to control your computer. Download VMR Connect to your PC or Mac, then install it by following on-screen instructions. After installation, make sure your phone and computer on the same network/WiFi, then open the VLC Mobile Remote app on your phone. As soon as you open the app, it will detect and allows you to connect to your computer. Once connected by tapping your computer name, you can control your PC or Mac.

Watch Video

The video was recorded on Mac Computer, however, instructions are similar for Windows computers.

The VLC setup process for Linux computers

Unfortunately, we yet to build VMR Connect for Linux, however, you can still use our app with Linux computers only as a VLC Remote controller. To do that, open the app to the ‘Computers’ page & tap ‘Setup Wizard’. On the next page, select ‘Linux’ as your computer OS. Then follow the instructions in the app to set up VLC. Once the setup is done, open the VLC Media player on your computer & tap ‘Auto Connect’ in the app, it will detect your computer & connects to it. For detailed instructions check out SimpleHelp.net

Watch setup instructions & demo video

Following the instructions shown in the video, you can use our app only as VLC Remote on Windows & Mac systems.